Color Guard Questions! Send me a Number! :)

  • 1: Favorite piece of equipment?
  • 2: Favorite WGI show?
  • 3: Favorite DCI show?
  • 4: Most overrated show?
  • 5: Most underrated show?
  • 6: Biggest guard-related pet peeve?
  • 7: Favorite after-rehearsal food/guilty pleasure?
  • 8: Favorite song to warm up to?
  • 9: Favorite show you've performed in and why?
  • 10: If you could make your own show, what would it be?
  • 11: Favorite guard ever?
  • 12: Cavaliers or Madison Scouts?
  • 13: Most embarrassing guard moment?
  • 14: Worst guard injury?
  • 15: Best bus-ride memory?
  • 16: How high can you toss on rifle?
  • 17: How high can you toss on sabre?
  • 18: Favorite dance move/jump?
  • 19: Do you prefer gloves or no gloves?
  • 20: Favorite color guard quote?
  • 21: What show do you wish you could see live again?
  • 22: Did your high school respect/appreciate your colorguard?
  • 23: Thoughts on airblades?
  • 24: Favorite section in marching band and why? (besides guard!)
  • 25: Favorite guard hair you've had?
  • 26: Post your best action shot!
  • 27: Any pre-show superstitions/routines?
  • 28: Do you call it a rifle or gun?
  • 29: Do you call it a floor/tarp/mat?
  • 30: Do you call it an end cap or crutch tip? (or other?)
  • 31: Do you call it tossing or throwing?
  • 32: Proudest moment in your colorguard career?
  • 33: Best thing you have learned from an instructor?
  • 34: How many seasons have you spun?
  • 35: What made you do color guard?
  • 36: Do you have pre-guard experience? (twirling, dance)
  • 37: If you spin independent, how did you afford your dues?
  • 38: If you could spin anywhere, who would you spin for?
  • 39: Least favorite show you've spun in and why?
  • 40: What year do you ageout?
  • 41: What advice would you give to a new guard member?
  • 42: 36" or 39"?
  • 43: Color guard or winter guard?
  • 44: Favorite guard-related blog(s)?
  • 45: Do you like swing flags?
  • 46: What do you dread doing the most at rehearsal?
  • 47: Favorite flag toss?
  • 48: Favorite competition food?
  • 49: What are your thoughts on crazy band moms/dads?
  • 50: What does your future with colorguard hold?




Just a little reminder to all my 2011 Bluecoats and everyone else that one time, Conor ruined finals. 

And the video is even funnier than when it actually happened.

Omg this is priceless.

What the staff said: “Cut, cut, it’s okay it’s okay”
What they meant: “fuck damnit Conor were getting real tired of your shit, all you have to do is move 50 yards in a straight line path once while everyone else is sprinting around the field, you literally had only one job and you dun fucked up. Why are you even here”

The struggle is real.

Happy Monday <3

Trying to explain guard injuries...

  • Medical person: What happened?
  • Me: I do this thing called colorguard with marching band.
  • Medical person: Okay...
  • Me: And we spin this thing called a sabre. It looks like a sword.
  • *medical person's eyes start to get bigger*
  • Medical person: Okay...
  • Me: And it hit me in the head.
  • Medical person: But you didn't black out? No dizziness? Nauseousness? Trouble remembering? Anything?
  • Me: Nope!
  • Medical person: (after staring in disbelief) On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the pain right now?
  • Me: 2 or 3 maybe?
  • *medical person looks super confused*